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1. Begin by writing the address. The system will give you all possible choices available in system after few letters have been typed. Click the address you need. Fill up Your destination and your contact information in the form above. You will get an automatic confirmation SMS message to Mobile Phone number you gave us. In advance orders will be dispatched to the drivers one hour before the pick-up time.

2. You can also make your order beforehand and give the appropriate time in future by choosing 'Booking in advance', at least two hours ahead. Otherwise your order will be dispatched immediately.

3. Click 'Send' button and you will get the summary for information entered to correct/approve it. After your approval the order will be stored in the system to await for dispatch.

4. Transport by Kajon Oy. Order cancellations: dial 0100-7070.

Service by Versoft Oy. Transport by Kajon Oy.